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"We had to flee due to ongoing conflict in the country"

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

“We grew up in Cameroon, Africa, and had to flee due to ongoing conflict in the country. We arrived in Canada as newcomers in 2019 and have since lived in Ottawa.

“I have 5 boys. Footwear is expensive and I'm truly thankful that Footwear4kids can help us alleviate these expenses by providing shoes for my kids”

Meet Odilon, one of the 5 boys. Footwear4kids first bumped into him through a local initiative that puts up basketball nets @meshupottawa.

Odilon was playing on the basketball court with torn running shoes.

While putting up the nets, William noticed Odilon didn't have a good pair of shoes. He was then introduced to Odilon’s mother and obtained their information.

Footwear4kids was able to provide Odilon with brand new basketball shoes as well as shoes for his 4 brothers and his parents.

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